Once I went to a place filled with trees, laughter and joy. My father told me that place was called a Park. There were many rides such as see-saw, slide, merry-go-round and swing. It was really fun to explore a place like that. So even I joined the fun. I slid down the slide…WHOOP. I swag on the swing….SWISH…SWISH. I went round and round on the merry-go-round…GO…GO…GO. I went up and down on the see-saw…RAY…RAY..RAY. I met several friends in the park. All were running around and playing. I saw many beautiful butterflies and insects. Parents were sitting on the benches and enjoying while the kids were playing. There were many birds singing. I am very lucky that the park is near my house. I just love going to the is fenced all around with the iron bars with gates  for entrance and exit. It was full of beautiful plants and creepers which were filled with beautiful seasonal flowers. Lots of beautiful green grass covered the ground-floor. Little flowers of unknown variety peeped out of the green waves of grasses. The flower plants hold the flowers of uncommon beauty. Some trees were famous for their evergreen foliage. Many kinds of beautiful foreign herbs were planted in the park.

The  park provided comfortable sitting arrangements for the visitors. Hence, we find fixed chairs and fixed benches at the suitable spots in the park. The park provides electric light and radio broadcasting. The park provided artificial springs of water. In a very big park we find some swimming pools and arrangements for boating and racing.