Dancing is  a free time activity which is also known as a hobby.
but a lot of interest in a hobby sometimes become the addiction or the way of earning which is known as profession.
a dance addicted person is not stable. he or she starts dancing in anyway , anywhere and anytime. this type of people cant stop themselves when music runs.some of the people are this much addicted that in any type of problem they cant stop dancing . in  india a girl named sudha chandran , in an accident, lost her 1 leg.but too after that she used an artificial leg and now she teaches in a  dancing institution, and acts in hindi serials too. we all must get appreciation from this like people.
i think i tried my best.
now its on u what u do.
Dancing is a fine form of art.
It includes various skills of human body.
It has many forms such as kathak,bharathanatyam,salsa,rumba,hip-hop and so on...
Dance is famous all over the improves concentration,flexibility and so on...
world dance day is celebrated on 29th april