The lion is called the king of the forest. It has a majestic appearance. The lion is not so cruel as a tiger. It eats flesh. It can run very fast. The roar of the lion is very famous. It roars very loudly. The lions are found in forests. Its paws are very strong. Its footprint's are known as pug-marks. All the animals in the forest are afraid of it.It has two sharp eyes. It hunts during the night. It is a good hunter. It sleeps during the day. It comes out from the cave during night for food.Lions are carnivores, which means they live on meat. Their prey consists mainly of large mammals such as wildebeest, impalas, zebras, buffalo, and warthogs in Africa and nilgai, wild boar, and several deer species in India. Mice, lizards, tortoises, warthogs, antelopes and even crocodiles also form part of a lion’s diet

The lion has a mane but the lioness has no mane. It kills the animal when it feels hunger. The roar of this animal is very famous. It roars very loudly. When it roars, all the animals run away in fear. It can run very fast. It is not a greedy animal. No one can dare to go near him. It is fond of sleeping.

Lions love to rest and relax. They spend time rubbing heads, purring and licking each other. But when it comes to food, each lion looks out for itself. Lions also like to squabble and fight with each other.Lions are the laziest of the big cats. They usually spend 16 to 20 hours a day sleeping and resting.