If a base of isolated triangle is 34cm and its perimeter is 4_1/2 cm.then find its length

dats wat
Please correct the question
And it's isosceles, not isolated
preety3 - you are expected to correct the question, when others have pointed out the mistakes in the question... or give proper clarification please... thanks.



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There is a typing mistake in the data for the perimeter, it appears.   Also the triangle is perhaps an isosceles triangle ...  It is difficult to understand the question, when some data is not good.

the perimeter is probably  =  40 1/2 cm    or  401/2 cm.
the base = 34 cm. 

so, the length of the other two sides :  (perimeter - base ) /2
           = 3.25 cm   or    83.25 cm

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