My family is my strength 
In ups and downs of life 
They love me without reason 
They are there in every season
The undying support and care 
I know back home to look
They are always there 
When I need them the most 
I love my family my dear 
With them I feel the cheer!


They made me and broke me,
In a short few years,
They protected me and scorned me,
Despite all my tears.
They love me and console me,
Present tense now,
My heart is full,
I don't want them out.
Stay with me I need you,
Don't go away.
I love you so much,
My family, 
My strength.


My family’s my treasure and my strength.
My parents never failed to free my voice.
They taught me to be true and loyal to my heart.

I talk to them in good times and bad times.
There’s nothing to hide in our communication,
For they always find time to listen my inside.

I could differentiate between wrong and right. 
They lifted me to — a height of a goal they dreamed 
higher — than the one their parents dream for them.

When I’ve children, my fingers will paint more 
than to point fingers, — for example teaches fast —
and I’ll keep connecting in honor of my parents!