1. Science is the systematic study of physical and chemical changes happening in the world through experiment and observation.
2. Science is important in our life as it helps us in doing each and every single thing we do. We can have all the luxuries just because of science. i even agree that it is also used for destruction and for bad purposes. But science is used mainly for the comfort of living creatures and humans.

This is a topic on which I can write an essay on but it is now to be answered as a answer to a question.... :) 

SCIENCE is the study of physical or physics in which we study about various laws searched by different Physicists, chemistry in which we study about the chemicals and their reactions with sub-chemicals etc and biology in which we study about the natural happenings related to humans, plants, animals, microbes etc. ......... SCIENCE is important as it is a path and if someone goes on it explores something new. Science in itself is a bank of knowledge who h will never be ended as research's never stop. Science helps in technology. The luxuries we enjoy today like the gadgets or even Ac's at home or anything is because of science only.
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