Yes, planting native trees and plants are very beneficial for biodiversity.
As we know that afforestation helps the environment by promoting biodiversity. So in order to promote biodiversity planting is very essential.

by this we can say that planting native trees and plants are beneficial for biodiversity.
Planting native trees and plants in our garden are benificial for biodiversity. As we all know that today deforestation has increased a lot. Every forest is being destroyed keeping in mind the development like building factories, industries etc. This has led to global warming .Many harmful gases get released which needs to be treated. So , Afforestaion that means planting more trees is the need of the hour. Trees control the amount of gases in the air as it releases oxygen which is important for humans or any other living creature as well. Planting trees is beneficial for biodiversity. Biodiversity in itself is the variety of plants and animals. If there will be no plants then the amount of animals or humans will decrease. Oxygen will not be released which will be the end of our biodiversity resulting in the e d of of our planet too. So afforestation is important for us, for our life, and moreover for our planet.
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