Respiration is the biochemical process by which organisms exchange gases especially oxygen and carbon dioxide.
There are two types of respiration processes
1. Aerobic respiration.
2.Anaerobic respiration.

Aerobic respiration:-
*It takes place in the presence of oxygen.
* glucose is completely oxidized in aerobic respiration.
*end products are carbon dioxide and water.
*large amount of energy is released in aerobic respiration.
*It takes place in all higher organisms.
* c6h12o6( glucose)+6o2( oxygen)........6co2( carbon dioxide)+6h2o( water)+686K.Cal.

Anaerobic respiration:-
*It takes place in the absence of oxygen.
* the glucose molecule is incompletely broken down in anaerobic respiration.
*end products are lactic acid and carbon dioxide.
* small amount of energy is released.
* It takes place in lower organisms like yeast and muscle cells of man.
* c6h12o6( glucose)........2c2h5oh( lactic acid)+2co2( carbon dioxide)+56K.Cal.
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