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Sapros' refers to rotten and 'trophic' refers to food. Saprotrophic nutrition is the process by which the organisms feed on dead and decaying matter. The food is digested outside the cells or even the body of the organism - extracellular digestion. The organism secretes digestive juices that contain enzymes directly on to the food. The digestion makes the food soluble and it is then absorbed by the organism
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Saprophytes are decomposer's that decay dead organic matter and helps in recycling of nutrients in the ecosystem.They suck nutrients from the dead and decaying matter.
For example, Fungi [ certain type , such as those in the families of Rhizopus and Mucor ].Saprophytes are characterized by their use of a particular kind of digestion mechanism, called extra-cellular digestion.Their mode of nutrition is saprophytic nutrition.
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