Dear friend

i am in good health and what about you ?? i was just writing this letter to tell you about this hilarious and funny girl whom i met on my journey , the girl was 16 but she acted like a child i thouroughly enjoyed her company , she cracked many jokes , imitated many a people on the train , which irriatated a few but nevertheless it was funny the whole compartment was laughing at her jokes at the end of the journey i casually asked why was she like that , and what i heard shocked me , she said that she was a loner, her parents passed away wen she was 12 , she said her parents always made her laugh , but after their death their was no one to make her laugh , so she started to make everyone laugh ,and she said that every saturday she boards this train and cracks jokes at all the passerbys 
weni asked why ?? she that it was on this train her father and mother died 
funny was she but her inner heart had deep feeling of remorse 
she reminded of you how you used to crack jokes and made me write this letter 

hoping evrerything is fine with you 

your friend