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I)Monarchy: It means that a particular person will rule a place and can took all descisions of region under his control. Moreover , his son only can lead the reign after him.
ii)Democracy: In a democracy people elect their own representatives by electing them by giving vote to them.
iii) Dictatorship: Dictatorship is a form of government where a country is ruled by one person or political entity, and exercised through various mechanisms to ensure the entity's power remains strong.
Democracy: a)Democracy is a form of government in which the people choose their leaders by Voting.
b)It is also a government where everyone is treated equally and has equal rights.
Countries w/ a Democratic Government:
c)Democracy is a government by the people. It is a rule of majority.
Supreme power is vested in the people.
d)"In a democracy, the will of the people serves as the basis for collective decisions. It's also called self-governance. Each member of the population expresses his or her opinion on each issue through voting. Since all votes are equal, the opinion held by the most members is considered the will of the majority. That's what becomes law."

Dictatorship :a)Dictatorship  is a form of government in which one person possesses ABSOLUTE Power. 
b)Dictators use force or fraud to gain power. They keep this power through intimidation, suppression of civil liberties, and control of mass media.
Equatorial Guinea
c)E.G's dictator is Teodoro Mbasogo.
Teodoro has been a dictator for 30 years, he seized power from his uncle Obiam Nguema.
Teodoro is accused of ruling through torture and terror. The Human Rights group claim many human rights violations.These include unfair trials, horrible prison conditions,& torture of political prisoners. He has complete control of the media & has been accused of favoritism of his relatives for government positions.
Monarchy:a)Monarchy is a government in which a country is ruled by a monarch (such as a King or a Queen.)
b)Undivided rule or absolute sovereignty by a single person 
c)A Monarch's power is Hereditary.
d)United Kingdom
The United Kingdom's Queen is Queen Elizabeth II
The United kingdom has a Monarchy government, but the power is shared with the Parliament.
The Queen has an important formal and ceremonial relationship with Parliament. The Queen is asked by the parliament to provide consent, to be consulted and to warn her ministers with the Prime Minister.
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The difference between monarch, democracy and dictatorship are : 

Monarch - 
1. The power will be in one hand it self and else other should follow the words of the person. 
2. The king or the ruler will be most probably decided by the following of the ancestors. 
3. The ruler will be the one who will direct everyone in his nation. 
4. The monarch is no more followed. 
5. In the ancient times where ever we go, there would be rulers and even more people under the rulers like the soldiers, local leader etc. 
6. During the times of Monarch there were always wars going on for the power and even the other resources like gold, minerals, food etc. 

Democracy : 
1. Commonly know as For the people, By the people and To the people; the people themselves elect their own president or even leader to guide them. 
2. Democracy is followed in the present society. 
3. Elections are will be conducted to know the leader elected by the people. 
4. The democracy helps out people to make their ideas true and even to help others. 
5. Our country i.e. India is a example for Democratic country, where people are given equal rights with out discrimination.  

Dictatorship : 
1. The person dictator gives rules and regulations and people must follow them for sure. 
2. The dictatorship is mostly now no where. 
3. The dictator is a self leader who come up with own ideas and for his/her own development. 
4. Dictatorship is now mostly not at all encouraged, because the power will be with only one person until and unless he wants to leave it or even when he dies the power will be others. 
5. Dictatorship creates a lot's of problem because people aren't given equal rights and even most of the time they will be discriminated. 
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