• SA6
  • Helping Hand
B27 Ideal Colony,
New York City,

8th May 2016,

Dear brother,
Hope this letter finds you in good health.How are your exams going. I am writing this letter to tell you what I did when I to the theme park.
I went there last week. I went with all my friends. It was really fun.There was water rides and others .Since it was a large theme park we went in the morning. We got a map to know where to go.First we went to the rides where water was not there . Then we took a break and ate food and rested for a while.Then we went to the water rides. We changed our dress and bought the necessary things needed and then headed for the rides we went to the small ones first and then on the big ones. After that we headed to the swimming pool just to rest there.After that we changed our dress and ate some food.We went back around 6:00 pm.
Hope you understood what we did when we went to the theme park.Hope you can come with us next time.

Yours lovingly,