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Teeth :To cut, tear and grind food.

Liver :To filter toxins from blood and it makes bile.

Gallbladder :To store and release bile into the small intestine.
Large Intestine (Colon) :To absorb water and then to pass useless waste from the body.
Salivary Glands :To produce saliva which breaks down carbohydrates (starch)
Tongue :To push food to the back of the mouth prior to swallowing.
Esophagus :To force food from the throat into the stomach.
Stomach :To chemically and mechanically digest food and to turn food into chyme so the body can digest it.
Pancreas :To produce digestive juices that are released into the small intestine.
Small Intestine :
To absorb nutrients and help to digest food.

Rectum :To keep the intestine sealed shut until the need to pass feces arises.
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