1.Adverbs are words which give more information about the action word.It answers the question WHEN,WHERE,HOW&WHY.
Write 5 sentences according to the pattern given below:
Adverb of manner => Adverb of place => Adverb of time
2.Onomatopoeia means formation of words containing sound of the sentences with the help of clues given below:-
a)The chink of
b)The ping of a
c)The Jangle of
d)The blast of a
e)The pop of a
f)The clatter of
g)The screeching of
h)The creak of
i)The rattle of
j)The peal of
k)The rustle of
l)The wail of a
m)The babble of a
n)The skirl of
o)The throb of an
p)The report of a
q)The clap of
r)The swish of a
s)The twang of a
Clues:- bullet,trumpet,cork,hinges,keys,window panes,coins,knives&forks,gun,bagpipes skirt,siren,thunder,engine,bow,dry leaves,stream,brakes,bell.

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An adverb modifies a verb , an adjective or another adverb there are different types of adverbs .

2) place
3) frequency 
4) manner
5) degree