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Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people.[ Friendship means closeness without any selfish motive. But true friendship us rarely seen. Growing true friendship depends upon selection of a friend. Men of similar moral idea irrespective of social, cultural, educational and financial idea may grow true friendship. Growing true friendship is very hard and it takes time but once the friendship is broken it can never be patched up. Friendship is seen even among animals. It is very often seen that among a number of animals a few group always moves together, they have no expressible voice to exchange views, still they maintain friendship.

Best test of friendship is adversity. Prosperity beings friends but adversity tries them. In good days of a man his so-called friends gather around him, treat him as a beehive. So long he lives in prosperity the friends cling to him like leeches. But when his bad day starts, no friend can be seen. But a true friend does not leaving his friend in any situation. He is ready even to die for him.

Human beings are the best creation of God. They have senses, they have moral feeling. For existence and for leading moral life they need advice and consultation. But they face certain problems which cannot be discussed with his relatives – in whatever relation they may stand and here is the need of a friend, of course a true friend. There is no matter which cannot be discussed with a friend.

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