Smoking is a slow process of eventually killing yourself. Smoking has a lot of malicious effects. The smoke produced by a cigarette, not only induces the smoker but also the person standing next to the deadly smoker. The number of people addicted to smoking tobacco has increased highly over the last 5 years. Social problems and media are major reasons for this increase. Smoking, especially teenagers, has become a big problem now days in the developed countries like United States of America. Attempts are being made by trusted organizations, to prohibit teenagers from this deadly addiction, but the conclusion remains the same, FAILURE.

Smokers are every where with their foggy sphere of cigarette smoke. Tobacco smoke contributes to a number of cancers, especially lung cancer. There are more than 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, including 43 known cancer-causing compounds. With the smoke, the tar also enters the lungs and the bloodstream...