Any thing cant be solved by any fight or anger but can be solved by loving nature
correct u said but my friend was good now he is not my friend so I asked all that how to make him again my freind and to take revenge of him
U just clear ur misunderstandings.... If he was ur best friend then he will understand ur point as well...
just show ur caring and love again to him but dont fight or make more misunderstanding
But never ever let anyone to go against ur self respect as cuz of this, people start taking the lerson for granted. If he understands then its great. But if not then don't try... As he forgot u totally or he just showed off he was ur friend.......
Hope he becomes ur friend again.
If u r thinking of taking revenge from someone , like u mentioned ur enemy, then I would suggest that it's really a bad thought. Whenever a person is angry, it leads in taking a wrong decision and when u realise , its too late. Nothing can be sorted with revenge and fight. You will now take revenge from that person, if u did something serious then it will create problems for u only and also for your family . May be in the future, your enemy will take revenge for whatever u did to him/her now. If u want ur problems to get sorted then talk to that person. Clear everything. It will really help. But revenge is not at all a good option.
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