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Yess... there were many advantages and many of the offences were reduced
Yes,I think the dowry prohibition act has helped in reducing the cases of dowry.coz if there's no act like this then the people would go on asking for dowry like in the past days.but now if we see many people have changed their minds,and they are educated so they are not supporting dowry.some people who are still aristocratic they are asking for the dowry but these kinda people have changed their thoughts so this act has helped in reducing the cases of dowry.I won't agree with the critics who claim that this can be misused by women.coz any responsible daughter won't be willing to bring crisis to their parents and she always wants her parents to be I don't think that women can misuse this but in some cases that women's husband will torcher that women for money so she may ask her parents bout that. Hope this helps.pls mark as brainliest....