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1. " Say no to Plastics- Save the Earth" 
2. " Say no to Plastics- Save animals" 
3. Save Environments-Say no to Plastics 
4. Save Water from Plastic Say no to Plastics. 
5. Sea and River lives for us- Save them! Save them!-Say no to Plastics. 
6. Plastic-carry bags poisonous-Say no to Plastic 
7. Plastic Toys are Toxins-Say no to Plastic 
8. Save our Children -Say no to Plastics. 
9. Eatables you carry in Plastic bags will kill you slowly-Say no to Plastic 
10. Nature is beauty do not litter with Plastic so- Say no to Plastic 
11.Be richer ! Discard Plastic as Plastic is cheaper-Say no to Plastic 
Be careful the poisonous stuff is going to fill the surroundings sooner- Discard them at once
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