Man Destroying EarthImage Credit: Treza R., Kalispell, MT
Nature, the most perfect creation, and earth, our home and the home to billions, trillions, and even quadrillions of living things, are being destroyed everyday by the harsh and devastating effects of pollution. Everyday our home gets ravaged by air pollution, chemical waste, and loads of garbage being dumped into landfills and into our oceans. Many species have become extinct because of mans involvement in nature, from deforestation to over poaching. Everyday earth, the only known planet able to support complex life, slowly becomes less and less inhabitable and dies a little bit day by day.

The reason for this article is to provide information, so that people know why it is important to keep earth health and alive. People need to understand “If the Earth dies, you die. If you die, the Earth survives” (klaatu/Keanu Reeves). The earth doesn't depend on humans to survive while humans need the earth to survive. We as people and animals need the earth to prosper so that we too can live on this planet till it's dieing day.

There are many ways people can help the earth, one simple way is to recycle plastic and paper and glass. Another way is to start moving away from damaging sources of energy like gas and coal, and instead using hydroelectric plants and wind mills. If we are able to start using healthy and non damaging sources of energy we can help slowly but surely restore earth back to it's former state. If we have to choose between the comfort of our lives and earth's life, it is better we save the earth because without it all life currently inhabiting it will perish.