Duke was no ordinary dog. He sensed the criticality of Chuck's situation instantly. Day and night the dog and the master stared at each other giving way to boredom. Finally, Duke couldn 't take it. He poked his pointed nose under Hooper elbow and lifted. He did not listen to Chuck and poked his master-arm at equal intervals
A Dog Named Duke by William D. Ellis is a story based on the relationship of a dog and his master. The omnipresent narrator describes how Duke, a pincher Doberman, was loved by his master and in return offered his loyalty to Chuck. It is said that a dog can learn as many as up to 100 words of a human language. Though he cannot speak, he understands them. Its a beautiful narrative which shows the understanding Chuck and Duke shared and how they felt responsible for each other. Duke, the dog proved to be a loyal pet when the testing time came. Later when Duke met with an accident, Chuck was as worried as he would have been for his own child. The struggle that the dog went through for his master is appreciable. What the doctors and physiotherapists could not do was done by the dog. Marcy, Chuck 's wife, who was so reluctant on having a Doberman at home, was the one to take him to the hospital with much care.