Helen Keller

Helen Keller is the main character in The Story of My Life which is a personal account of Helen's young life after she has a debilitating illness as a baby and is rendered blind and deaf. Annie Sullivan, Alexander Graham Bell and Mr Anagnos all change Helen's life dramatically and it is her first meeting with Dr. Bell which starts the process of her education and her fulfillment. In chapter III, Helen reflects how "that interview would be the door through which I should pass from darkness into light." 

Dr. Alexander Graham Bell is compassionate and kindhearted and an incredibly gifted inventor (as history will confirm). Helen dedicated The Story of My Life to him. He has a special relationship with children, especially the deaf, and his methods ensure that children are motivated and enthusiastic to learn. He is funny and immediately connects with Helen. He recommends The Perkins' Institute to the family which will begin Helen's long and extremely demanding path to learning.  

Annie comes from The Perkins' Institute for the Blind where she learnt to manage and overcome her own difficulties and is the person whom Helen recognizes as most significant in her education. Annie makes Helen "think" and the day she arrives is "the most important day I remember in all my life," such is the impact which Annie has on Helen's success. Annie is patient, determined and even stubborn, and it is her resolve which ensures that Helen is given time to adapt and to learn "language." Annie is visually impaired herself and, despite her young age and her complete lack of experience, she is dedicated and wise. She takes every opportunity to teach Helen, whether it be during lessons or out in the environment where she ensures that Helen has every opportunity to explore, discover and overcome her fears. She will become Helen's constant companion to the point that Helen feels that "the footsteps of my life are in hers."

Dr Anagnos is the director of The Perkins' Institute for the Blind and he understands potential, encouraging Annie as her mentor when she is uncertain whether she is ready to teach at the Keller's home. He recognizes Helen's enormous capacity for learning and becomes a dear friend to her. Unfortunately, although he claims to believe Helen, he is unable to shake the feeling that she may have deceived him  in writing her version of Canby's story and he never regains his unquestionable faith in her to the point of his attitude being "hostile and menacing" (ch XIV). However, his contribution to Helen's amazing success and to the lives of many blind children with whom Helen comes into contact is indisputable.

Helen's father


The Story of My Life by Helen Keller reveals many of the occurrences of her childhood and many of the influences in her life. Her father, Arthur H Keller has a huge impact on Helen's development, tirelessly looking for methods and people to help her. Helen's father, a captain in the Confederate Army, has been married before and Helen's mother Kate is much younger than he.

Helen Keller's mom                                                                                          ---------------------------

Helen's mother was kate adams. she was the second wife of helen's father and was many years younger than him. kate adams was a soothing person who cherishes and nourishes helen during her difficult times of illness.after Helen lost her eye sight and hearing ability it was her mother who was able to communicate with her. her mother was her back bone of development and she supported Helen including when Helen got frustrated about her inability.
in her book Helen writes about her mother that:"i owe to her all loving wisdom all that was bright and good in my long nights"

Anne Sullivan                                                                                                --------------------

Miss Anne Mansfield Sullivan had the greatest influence on the life, character snd acheivements of Helen Keller. She gave a new direction, meaning and purpose to Helen's dark life. Miss Sullivan inherited all those triats and characterisitcs that go in making a perfect teacher. She was a picture of tireless patience and unreading devotion. It was her constant encoragement, help and guidence that made Helen Keeler first deaf and blind in the world to earn a bachelor degree.It was Graham Bell who advised the parents of Helen Keller to contact the Perkins Institute for the Blind. The director, Mr. Anagnos asked a former student of Miss Anne Sullivan to become Keller's instructor. Miss Sullivan was herself a visually impaired 20 year old lady. It was he begining of a 49-year-long relationship. The relationship evolved into Miss Sullivan becoming Helen's governess and then eventul companion. Anne Sullivan arrived at Keller's house in March 1887.