,                                                                                                    datexxxxx,
                                                                                                     place xxxx.
my dear friend,
                       hi my dear friend iam fine here i hope same with last winter i have went to warangal. really it is a great place. it is the birth place of rani rudruma devi she is a great women who had foughted to the great men even though she haven't loose she won all the battles but a person had came from her back and killed her with a sowrd reslly it is a sad thing. happned with her she can kill any one even a elephant and hulk too. and iam so much happy about her and iam happy about now iam at her place . i hope u can also come for this summer we will compulasrly  go there and enjoy. bye have a nice day.
                                         thank you,
conway my best regards to ur mom and dad and love to ur brother.

                                                                                       your best friend,

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i have done it for u
and thank me becauses i have done this much for u
is this good