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Somber sapphires and waves of yellow


She's wishing Prince Charmin' was real


Poor girl's lost in reality


With her ashes in rings


Baby's a modern Cinderella


An untouched heart and palest curves


Singing to herself and pictures on the mantle


Dusts herself off and drops the act


Won't let nobody see her cry


School girl skirts and cowgirl boots


She passes her Prince in holy jeans


Coffee shoppe corners with her lattes and loose let hair


Glances up and sees him there;


Blonde and blue cowboy, won't he look her way?


The hat's tipped low, his voice so soft


'Will she notice?" he sings to the crowd


Her heart aches and her own hat falls down


'Will he look at me?' she sings to herself


That night she's tending the ashes, whispers softly


Italian Cenerentola


He chuckles when she jokes


She's dying to spill the magic beans


Thinks she'll end in pieces


'This is dedicated to Allyson...'


Heartbeats skipping, her breath comes quick


He looks up, he fumbles


Jean skirt and cowgirl boots


Black cowboy hat and heartbreaking tears


Girl of his dreams


Modern Cinderella


Ashes to ashes and dust to dust


Shy lips and eager hearts


Prince Charmin' and Cenerentola


His lucky ash covered princess...



Um... A poem about two characters in a book that a friend is writing... Cenerentola is the Italian word for Cinderella, and the girl is Italian

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