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there are three degrees of comparison:
1-positive degree -in the thng is said juzt abt 1 person
like.ram is tall.
2 comparitive degree-comparison between the two
like ram is taller than suresh
3 superlative degree-comparison between more than two people
like -ram is the tallest in his class
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There are three degrees of comparision. They are mainly for adjectives.
Positive degree is used when there is only 1 person or thing.
Comparative degree is used when there are two persons or things.
Superlative degree is used when there are more than two persons or things.


Positive: Bengaluru is a developed city.
Comparative: Bengaluru is more developed than Colombo.
Superlative: Bengaluru is the most developed city in India.
(I have given the example of Bengaluru only as an example. Don't take it seriously.)