Money is not the only motivation for corruption. Power is frequently a great motivator, and many people will pursue power at all cost and regardless of who gets hurt. This could explain why poorer countries have vast corruption too. I do agree with Brettd. It does seem as if greed is the root--greed for money, greed for power.

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Corruption is the biggest threat to a well being of a society.
1.since members of the party who are not well recognized do not get sufficient to have good living.
2.there is a lack of punishments if someone does something wrong which encourages the criminal that whatever he/she does will never be caught
3.there is also a lack of job opportunities which leads to corruption.
4.lack of ill fame also leads to corruption.
5.lack of public unity also leads to corruption.
6.lack of transparency among the public and their representative also leads also leads to corruption  
so above are some points which leads to corruption. 
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