• SA6
  • Helping Hand
B23 ideal colony,
New York City,
8th May 2016,

Dear friend,
Hope this letter finds you in good health.l am writing this letter to tell you about my experience on finding a tiger cub in my doorstep.
Yesterday while I was going to get outside my house I saw a cute little tiger cub in my doorstep. It was so adorable.It trying to jump from a basket. It was like someone kept it there like a gift. I didn't get scared because it was small and cute. It looked sad but when I gave some food it became happy. It was orange and black in colour and near the eyes it was white in colour. It had sharp teeth but not as a adult tiger. It had a type of green eyes. It was so cute so I asked my mom if I can keep it.She allowed me but she told when it grows old we will give it to the zoo.
Hope you understood my experience and how cute the tiger cub was.