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May 5, 1789-Estates-General meets after not meeting for 175 years

June 17, 1789-the Third Estate announced that the National Assembly would meet

June 20, 1789 
King locks door to meeting place, so need to go to inddor tennis court where make the Tennis Court Oath
July 14, 1789 beginning of French Revolution, storm of Bastille

August 4, 1789nobles forced to recant their fedual rights, and so make Declaration of Rights of Man
October 5, 1789women marched to Versailles, move Louis XVI to Paris and so does National assembly (fishwives)

August 10, 1792san-culottes cut off head of radical mayor and show Legislative Assembly, Paris Commune

Important dates related to french revolution are- 1774,1789,1791,1804,1815,1946.
1774-Louis XVI became the king of France.
1789-The Bastille was stormed.National Assembly was also formed.
1791-A constitution was formed to make the powers of monarch limited .
1804-Napoleon Bonaparte became the king of France.
1815-Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated in the battle of Waterloo..
1946-The French Women got the right to vote.