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Computer is versatile in nature. Multi-processing features of computer makes it quiet versatile in nature.
It can control a variety of jobs in various field. The computer can performing any job provided he had a set of program and its related data.
One moment, it is preparing the results of particular examination, the next moment it is busy preparing electricity bills, and in between it may be helping an office secretary to trace an important letter in seconds.  
When a computer is engaged in preparing financial statements, it may be used for writing a letter or may be used for playing game simultaneously.
Computers are creative tools for musicians. Motion picture industry uses computers for special effects.
In schools, computers help in imparting education in a better way, and in the industry computer-assisted robots do all kinds of tedious jobs, especially in industries involving assembly of heavy machines, automobiles, etc.
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Computer is versatile in nature as it can do multitasking at same time. We can open and work on multiple applications or softwares at a same time........ For eg.-----> You can work on any software, like Ppt and at the same time you can play music too, if u r bored with Ppt, u can also play games at the same time just resuming the other app. , also at the same time u can open a web browser, or u can print any stuff etc....... This all simply indicates towards the multitasking function of computer and this only to VERSALITY of Computer....
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