Change the voice of the following imperative sentence 1.we accept payment by credit cards. 2Apply this medicine on your wound. 3 please bring a chair. 4 Let him serve you a glass of cold water. 5 please remind your parents about the parent -teacher meeting. 6 keep pff the grass. 7 Give me your phone number. 8please close the door. 9 sit down

please can you express what is pff in 6th Q


1.let the payments be accepted by credit cards
2.let this medicine be applied on your wound
3.let the chair be brought
4.letĀ glass of cold water be served by him
5.let your parents be reminded about the parent-teacher meeting.
6.let the grass be kept pff.
7.let your phone numberĀ be given to me.
8.let the door be closed. are ordered to sit down.
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