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Vartman kal:
1. mai kitab pdh rhi hu
2. meri behen kavita likh rhi h.
3. hm bazar ja rhe h.
4. rita gati h
5. kya ve ghar jate h?
6. ve ja chuke h.
7. vah do ghante se pdh rha h.
8. bache vidyalay jate h
9. sohan likh rha h.
10. kavita khel rhi h.
Bhoot kaal:
1. mai kitab pdh rhi thi
2. meri behen kavita likh rhi thi.
3. hm bazar gye the.
4. rita gati thi
5. kya ve ghar jate the?
6. ve ja chuke the.
7. vah do ghante pdha tha.
8. bache vidyalay jate the
9. sohan likh rha tha.
10. kavita khel rhi thi.
bhavishya kaal:
1. mai kitab pdhungi.
2. meri behen kavita likhegi.
3. hm bazar jaenge.
4. rita gaegi.
5. kya ve ghar jaenge?
6. ve jaenge.
7. vah do ghante pdhega.
8. bache vidyalay jaenge.
9. sohan likhega.
10. kavita khelegi.
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