This is the highest mountain in the earth the name Himalaya means the House of Snow and it consists several parallel mountain range. 30 to 50 million years different stages the Indian Plate has collided with the Eurasian Continental Plate  to form the Himalaya mountain. The Himalaya system is the most common type of mountain formation, folded. They are created by tectonic plates pushing against each other and only direction for these  earth to move is up.
The mountain really extend 1600 miles in an ellipse across south Asia from the bend of the Indus river in the northwest to Brahmaputra in the east. The Himalayan system averaging 200 to 250 miles in width, rises  sharply from the In do-genetic plain and separates northern India from the plateau of Tibet in china . The himalaya forms the earths highest mountain  region containing 9 of the highest peak in the world.