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Tobacco Kills


            Based on statistics gathered by the World Health Organization, over five million tobacco users die every year. Meanwhile, over half million die due to an indirect cause also known as second hand smoke. Although there is no exact number of people affected by third hand smoke, it is also believed to be one of the reasons for many deaths related to tobacco. From here, it is easy to see how tobacco kills. It kills directly but it also kills in disguise.


            In the year 2010, it is said that there are ten people who die each minute due to tobacco use. Most of these people are direct users. Direct use means the people themselves smoke it. This is said to be the most dangerous among the three since it affects the user’s body due to harmful smoke. Some of the diseases linked to direct use are cancer, heart diseases, and of course, lung diseases.


            Aside from direct use, there is also second hand smoke. People can still be affected by tobacco even if they do not use it themselves. Second hand smoke refers to the act of inhaling tobacco smoke due to a user nearby. For example, if a family member of a friend smokes near a person, the person can still breathe in the smoke and share the bad effects of tobacco. This means that people exposed to second hand smoke are also at risk of having the said diseases.


            While many people think that direct use and second hand smoke are the only reasons why people are affected or even killed by tobacco, there is also another reason. This is called third hand smoke. Although it is confused with second hand smoke most of the time, third hand smoke refers to the smoke that is retained in places where tobacco users smoke. The room, the clothes, or even a person’s hair can hold smoke in them and when people inhale near these things, they would still be able to inhale the smoke. Needless to say, it also expose people at risk.


            People might not know it but tobacco takes many forms and kills people in many ways. 


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