8th may of 2016 is known as mother's day. A day when we all dedicate or show our love and gratitude towards her.
"Mother" we all know mother is equal to GOD and every child's super mom.
Mother's love towards her child is really very precious,which we can't express in words ......... Her love is soo precious that she can do anything for her child's safety.she always cares for her child, right from our birth she becomes a shield herself to protect us and keeps us safe.

She guides us and leads us to the correct way .... she may sometimes scold us for walking in a wrong way but we should be able to understand there is love hidden in her heart behind her scoldings but think? why she does that. you then realise it is for our good.She sacrifices everything to fulfill our needs so that you never worry about anything and hides all her sorrow and worries behind a cute smile on her face.So we have to think about her once that mother who is sooo caring n loving and hides all her worries for our good .why should we remember or think of her for only one day? we should always think of her show love and care for her soo that she would be HAPPY forever and  ever and not only you should feel blessed for having such a lovable and caring mother, but also your mother should feel blessed to have such lovable and caring son/daughter and feel thankful each and every minute to have you. 

hope dis ans helps u......... i've tried my best in writing this essay hope u like it and plzz mark as best if u do and plz add dis sentence which i forgot " we should always remember dat now we've grown up soo we dont want our mother let her join in oldage homes... this kind of attitude is never called as love and caring nature towards her
and m really very sorry for dis mistake i've done hpoe u can understand....... :)