One does not not always need to be a spectacular sportsperson, famous singer, marvelous politician or brilliant actor to be a hero. One often finds in their midst very 
ordinary people
who do 
extraordinary things
that qualifies them as 
"real heroes"
Even Kabeer himself, who was just a quiet average student became the hero of his class because of his hardwork and confidence which set him apart from the rest.
Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan
Every individual mentioned in the lesson are ordinary people who displayed a sense of duty, showed solidarity and eventually became great heroes.
Mrs Reeta Baruah (Teacher)
Ajit Basu (Student of Class 8A)
Gayatri Chhabra (Student of Class 8A)
Sanjay Damle (Student of Class 8A)
Kabeer (Student of Class 8A)
India's Heroes
Author: Anonymous

Sense of duty
Human Solidarity
Ajit Basu speaks about his dream of becoming the world's best cricketer and also of his idol-Sachin Tendulkar
Gayatri Chhabra expressed her dream of becoming a social worker like her mother.
Sanjay Damle elaborated on the thrill of flying an airplane with the air and clouds as his terrain.
The story "India's Heroes" talks about the several brave hearts who proved their love for their country and fellow citizens during 26/11 terrorist attack on innocent, unsuspecting citizens of Mumbai
Thirty-one year old National Security Guard commando who dies fighting terrorists in Mumbai in November 2008.
He had made up his mind when he was just eight years old to join the army when he was older.
He served two terms with his battalion in counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations.
He became a past of the NSG in January 2007.
He was deployed to fight the terrorists in Hotel Taj on November 27th.
On entering the hotel with his fellow commandos he engaged in a fierce gunfight with the terrorists. When one of his commandos got hit he arranged for his immediate evacuation. Though he new his life was in danger he chased the terrorists. He told the rest of the team "Don't come up I will handle them. The followed the terrorists who had escaped to another floor and the gun fight went on for some time. The Major was hit hit by their bullets. He died succumbing to his injuries while trying to save his solider Gajendra Singh.
The Fight
Vishnu Dattaram Zende
Vishnu Dattaram Zende was an announcer with the Mumbai Railways for 10 years. 
On 26th November he heard a loud blast at one end of a Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus platform and saw many people with bloodstains on their clothes. He guessed that something must be wrong and with some quick thinking used the public announcement system to inform people to use a different exit. Instead of running for his life he continued to make announcements for nearly half-an-hour. The terrorists fired into his cabin but the bullet missed him.
Karambir Singh Kang
Karambir Singh Kang is the General Manager of Taj Hotel. Instead of worrying about his own and his family's safety, he supervised the exit of his guests and staff out of the hotel. His wife and children died of asphyxiation in one of the hotel's rooms that had been engulfed by fire. Even on hearing of their deaths, he continued to fight for the safety of his guests. This noble and loyal manager, despite the loss of his loved one still remains at the Taj, restoring its structure.
Hemant Karkare was the Anti-Terrorism Squad Chief who pursued the terrorists in a jeep and was gunned down by them near Cama Hospital along with his two comrades DIG Ashok Kamte & Vijay Salaskar. 
He was a courageous officer who had served in India's Research and Analysis Wing in Austria.
He spent his life fighting terror to make our tomorrow terror-free.
Hemant Karkare
Taufiq is one of the many unlikely heroes of the 26th November terrorist attacks. Thanks to his alertness, hundreds escaped the terrorists’ bullets at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) station.
His tea stall is across the street from the main gate of St George’s Government Hospital, which lies to the left of the station’s east wing. That night, he was at the CST’s east wing when he heard the first grenade explosion. He immediately raised the alarm, shouting and warning people.
Mohammed Taufiq
Popularly known as 
Chottu Chaiwala
, he was among the first to help transport the injured to St.George Hospital after the terrorists left. Had it not been for the effort of people like him, many of the wounded would not have made it to the hospital on time.
That night at the CST was the only time he has felt like a hero. “At least I got noticed. There were so many people who helped, but didn’t even get a thank you,” Taufiq says.
Sandra Samuel is a selfless Indian nanny who saved the life of 2 year-old Moshe Holtzberg during the Mumai
Sandra Samuel