Advantages of plastic:

Advantages of plastic are light in weight.They can be easily moulded and have excellent finishing.They possess very good strength and toughness.  They possess good shock absorption capacity.Advantages of plastic are corrosion resistant and chemically inert.They have low thermal expansion of co-efficient and possess good thermal and electrical insulating property.Advantages of plastic is very good water resistant and possess good adhesiveness.Plastic is strong, good and cheap to produce.Plastic is a recycling process and it does not decompose.Plastic bottles can be reused and restored over again and again.Plastic is one of the unbreakable.Plastic is an odourless.Plastic is used for building, construction, electronics, packaging (gladwrap) and transportation industries.Used to make - Water bottles, pens, plastic bags, cups etc.Advantages of plastic are Very cheap to make.DurabilityStrengthChemical resistance.Advantages of plastic are used to produce another product.Used to reduce soil and wind erosion.

Disadvantages of plastics:

Plastic is a nonrenewable resources.Plastic is softness.causes CANCERDisadvantage of plastics are embrittlement at low temperature.Disadvantage of plastics are deformation under load.Disadvantage of plastics are low heat resistant and poor ductility.Disadvantage of plastics are combustibility.Produces toxic fumes when it is burntIt is a recycle process, but it is very costly.