DIWALI  WITHOUT  CRACKERS
Diwali is a festival of lights. In ancient times, diwali was celebrated by lighting candles and diyas but as time passed, things evolved, the place of candles and diyas was taken up by simple crackers, and now massive ones. A lot of people lose their lives. People with breathing problems suffer a lot during diwali due to the pollution created by the crackers. When we buy costly crackers, and burn them we feel very pleased, but think how much money we just burnt into ashes. A just hope people understand that diwali is much better when celebrated without crackers and this diwali the use of crackers would be less
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Diwali can definitely be fun without firecrackers 

Diwali is a festival of lights and joy. It's a festival which is meant to be celebrated with full enthusiasm. Burning firecrackers is not showing joy or happiness, its just harming the environment. Cardboard is required for making firecrackers and this means that thousands of trees are cut down for such useless purpose. So we can also say that Diwali these days just means burning trees.
Lets all take a pledge to celebrate a green diwali this year.
Lets all light diyas and not firecrackers.

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