Every year wildfires destroy considerable forest resources in Nepal. Such destruction includes both timber and non-timber forest products. Although quantitative information is not available, forest fires are definitely degrading biological diversity in Nepal’s forests. In addition, fires cause soil erosion and induce floods and landslides due to the destruction of the natural vegetation. Occasionally, embers from forest fires also cause fires in nearby villages, especially in the Terai region where the roofs are made of thatched grass. Many villages are burned every year with loss of lives, cattle and other property.

At least one hundred villages are burned annually in Nepal, some of which are definitely destroyed by forest fires.

Unprecedented Wildfire Disaster 2009 / 2010 in Nepal634 hot spots were detected and 45 burning days were found throughout the country from 1 January to 22 March 2009High intensity crown fires in Himalayan National Parks and Conservation Areas occurred for the first time in history.A total of 11 people were reported dead, 11 seriously injured, 16 houses and 4 sheds were completely destroyed and a total of 508 families have been affected.The estimated total loss of personal properties is above NRs 116,550,000 (1 USD = about NRs 83) due to the uncontrolled forest fires.