harmful effect of smoking every year thousands of people die because of lung cancer or other tobacco related illnesses . everyone in the world of comes in contact with smoke from a cigarette at least once in their lifetime,whether from a cigarette at least once it is at a restaurant or at a work.cigarettes and other tobacco products are every where
 most of the addicted of any type of tobacco products is because all tobacco products have nicotine in themwhich is the addictive ingredient (American Thoracic Society). Every time a person smokes a cigarette or chews tobacco, that person ingests nicotine. I believe that the tobacco companies should be liable for every tobacco-related death each year. On the other hand, some people believe that everyone has a right to make their own judgment about their life. My opponent, Rosalind Marymount argues drugs and alcohol are more dangerous to society than tobacco. Second hand smoking is not a danger to the health of the community. There are health benefits for people that do smoke tobacco. So many people quit smoking each  it is so ridiculous to think that tobacco products are addicting argues Richard DE Grandpre. The facts about tobacco and tobacco products have been shaded by the government and government agencies to make smoking less acceptable and more inconvenient to smokers and tobacco users Cullum argues. My opponents firmly believe that there are no risks if a person starts smoking. As you will see, I will show extenuating facts that disprove my opponent’s views on tobacco products. My opponent states that smoking is not dangerous, however, I intend to prove that smoking is dangerous not just to smokers, but to everyone as well. It is a proven fact that smoking causes lung cancer and heart disease (American Thoracic Society 19).