Tissue culture is the growth of tissues or cells outside an organism or in any other artificial medium. This is difficult process by which the cells or tissue are grown under controlled conditions outside the biological environment. This technique of tissue culture refers to the culturing of cells that are derived from multi-cellular organisms like animal cells. Animal cell culture techniques became a popular technique in the mid 1900's but the concept of making live cells separated from the original tissue was discovered in the 19th century.The advantages of animal tissue culture are:The behavior and nature of the cells in controlled conditions can be studied and interpreted for further research.
The cell types produced are homogenous and they can be maintained as pure lines for research.
This technique can be more economical and convenient and preparation for animal houses and animal feed can be eliminated.
Animal tissue culture provides an alternative to animal testing by the replication of similar cell constitution and conditions in vitro in relation to legal, moral and ethical considerations
The cells obtained through tissue culture are all homogenous.