Tobacco addiction is a worldwide curse that is assaulting the nations and districts that can minimum bear the cost of its toll of inability, infection, lost efficiency and death rate. First we all to know what exactly Tobacco products are, Tobacco products altogether or somewhat made of the tobacco leaf (fresh leaves of nicotine plants)that can be used for smoking, sucking, biting or snuffing. Many small and big organizations are responsible for the increasing use of tobacco especially among youngsters by promoting blockbuster cigarette brands, so called natural or organic cigarettes, chewing tobacco, cigar, and hookah. No matter what form of tobacco you use all are risky and addictive, and all of us should made a sincere effort to demoralize their utilization in any form. Hence, this year World No Tobacco Day should emphasis on harmful effects associated with the use of tobacco as Tobacco kills in any form or disguise. Government and NGOs should work together to survey the genuine damage done by tobacco and to establish more strong and clear guidelines about the use of tobacco items.

Tobacco utilization and introduction to tobacco smoke cause death, ailment and disability, and that there is a time lag between the exposure to smoking and the other uses of tobacco products and the onset of tobacco related diseases. The wide range of serious health effects has been extensively reviewed. However, the list of conditions caused by tobacco consumption has grown. It is currently likewise realized that tobacco use adds to cataracts, pneumonia, acute myeloid leukemia, stomach aortic aneurysm, stomach tumor, pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer, kidney disease, periodontitis and many other different and harmful diseases. These infections recently join the list of well-known tobacco-related diseases, including lung cancer, vesicle, throat, larynx, mouth and throat; constant respiratory sickness, emphysema and bronchitis; stroke, heart assaults and other cardiovascular ailments. Truth be told, we know today that tobacco causes 90% of all lung diseases. Tobacco damages the reproductive system too, contributing to miscarriage, premature delivery, low birth weight, sudden infant death and pediatric diseases, such as attention hyperactivity deficitdisorders.

However, the individuals who consume tobacco are not the only ones who expose to its negative impacts. Many individuals, especially the kids, also the victim of the harmful effects of tobacco directly or indirectly. Now it is proven that inactive smoking also cause cardiovascular illnesses, lung tumor and different malignancies, asthma and other respiratory ailments in grown-ups and asthma and other respiratory illnesses, ear contamination and other disorder in kids. Consuming Tobacco in any form is increasing the risk of communicable or noncommunicable diseases so it is very necessary to ban or stop the use of tobacco on global basis.

On this World No Tobacco day we have to take a ledge that we will discourage the use of tobacco in any form and make the word free from its negative health effects which cause nearly 6 million deaths each year worldwide, including 600,000 of which are the results of non-smokers being exposed to secondhand smoke