The math club is selling tickets for a show by a “mathmagician”.
Student tickets will cost $1 and adult tickets will cost $2. The
ticket receipts must be at least $250 to cover the performer’s fee.
Write a system of inequalities for the number of student tickets and
the number of faculty tickets that must be sold.

Solutions please



 Let x = number of student tickets sold.
Let y = number of adult tickets sold.
we cannot sell a negative number of tickets
therefore, x and y values have to be ≥ 0. T
he value of all the student tickets is 1x since they are $1 each
the value of all the adult tickets is 2y because they are $2 each. 

Therefore their total value have to be at least $250 which will be writtenas

1x + 2y ≥ 250. 
Let the number of students tickets to be sold be a
And that of adult tickets be b

So, it would be
a + 2b ≥ 250