Respected Sir/Madam,
                          Sub: Concern About the Garbage Heaped All Over The City

I am writing this letter to you, expressing my concern about the garbage heaped all over the city and its glaring consequences.

In many parts of the city, overflowing dustbins which have not been cleared are a common sight. Even though complaints have been made, nobody has taken any initiative. Passersby and people living nearby these bins often complain about the foul stench and the innumerable flies that come inside the houses. Also when one person litters, the other person also does the same thing. Every year, lots of money is spent on clearing these dustbins. People don't realise that the same money that is used to clean garbage can be given to charity. Litter on the ground degrades natural areas and kills plants and animals. All that it takes is for a cat to get stuck in a bottle or a bird getting caught up in a soda can holder. Also, when there is too much of litter and no place to dump them, people throw the wastes into water bodies, which may result in drying up of seas, rivers and oceans in the future.

I request you to kindly publish an article in the newspaper about the issue and spread awareness.

Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,
( your name )

P.S: I have not included the format as it varies from school to school.
Hope this helps!