4) Can displacement be zero even when distance is not zero-Explain.
5) A particle describes a semi circle of radius 14m. What are its distance and displacement?
3) How can you get distance of an object from its distance –time graph?

displacement can be zero even when distance is not zero- that's true.
5 plz xplain


4) displacement be zero even when distance is not zero
 this is because if the body comes back to original place..then the shortest distance covered is 0.
So it is ZERO. Whereas distance is path traveeled by body it never be 0
5) Displacment is 0 as it reaches initial point again.
    Distance =half the perimeter +diameter
14 + 2 ×14
3)Distance-Time graph
Taking distance on Y axis and Time on X -axis gives u dDistance and time graph