Change the voice. provide a subject where it is not given.
1 The language test was taken by ninety students.
2 The door was opened by Jennie.
3 The music class is attended only byRakshanda.
4Lessons in vocal music are being given by her last month.
5 three performances have already been given by her last month.
6The work will be completed within the next five days.
7 The principal was given a report about the class projects.



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Ninetey students had taken the language test
2 4 2
1. ninety students took the language test.
2. jennie opened the door.
3. rakshanda attends the music class.

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1 4 1
6. She will complete the work within the next five days
7. She gave a report to the principal about the class projects
i give some more voice change
i give some more voice change