Contour bunds for trees are a simplified form of microcatchments. Construction can be mechanized and the technique is therefore suitable for implementation on a larger scale. As its name indicates, the bunds follow the contour, at close spacing, and by provision of small earth ties the system is divided into individual microcatchments. Whether mechanized or not, this system is more economical than Negarim microcatchment, particularly for large scale implementation on even land - since less earth has to be moved. A second advantage of contour bunds is their suitability to the cultivation of crops or fodder between the bunds. As with other forms of microcatchment water harvesting techniques, the yield of runoff is high, and when designed correctly, there is no loss of runoff out of the system.Contour bunding for tree planting is not yet as common as Negarim microcatchments. Examples of its application come from Baringo District, Kenya.Figure 24 Contour bunds for trees
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A traditional low-cost method of soil conservation suitable for sloping land is contour Bunding.