''this above all: to thine own self to be true'' - this is Shakespeare's quote
Be yourself; be true to yourself; do not engage in self-deception.
Firstly,do not let others judge our own personality.Most of us cannot accept ourselves and love ourselves.Try to understand,make a solid foundation on yourselves and stay cool.They will try to fit in. Take a look, for example ''mean girls'',they will change their way of living with their ways, their looks, the way they walk, the way they talk and even the way they dress. They would not act as themselves anymore. Just to be part of a better social group.just stop pretending to be someone we are not and start being ourselves. We need not to be friends who could not accept us for who we are.Every one living in the world has its own thoughts and hopes.these thoughts and hopes differ from one person to the other.these thoughts and hopes are often known as dreams. We need not to pretend that we are this or we are that. Let us just ourselves, you be yourself and I’ll be me.
No one is perfect. We all have flaws. Insecurities will still be there, it would be hard to take away and to overcome but we know it will eventually be gone once we build up my confidence in doing the things we love. We shouldnt force anyone to be friends with us, neither should we be forced to like anyone and be their friend. I will be true to my words, I will be true to myself.

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Every one living in the world has its own thoughts and hopes.these thoughts and hope are different from the thoughts and hopes of another people.these thoughts and hopes are often known as our dreams.these is no person in the world who has not seen a dream in his or her life.every person in the world have surely dreamt at least once in his or her life.

these dreams are really amazing.when we see a dream,we actually get a good reason to live our life.after seeing these dreams we start our new journey towards our dreams.these journeys are really amazing.these journeys are not as  easy as it look has a number of obstacles in its is we who have to overcome these obstacles and continue our journey.sometimes our parents think that our decision is wrong and it is the path which will lead us  to is we who have to convince them and make them realize that we are not wrong the our decision will surely lead us to heaven.

for all these things we need to have self confidence as well as trust in our selves.if we have trust in our selves then no one can ever defeat as a fact we should never stop instead continue fulfilling our amazing dreams.
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