Sardar Patel’s full name was Sardar Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel. He was one of the most important person involved in the struggle for independance. He was born on 31st October 1875 at Nadiad though his native place was at Karamsad. His family was not educated. He also initially passed matriculation very late at the age of 22 years. However he wanted to study law and he went to England for pursuing it. With great determination and hardwork he topped his college too. And after few years he emerged as a successful lawyer. He was married prior to matriculation at a tender age of 18 years. His wife however died due to cancer in January 1909. He received the news when he was busy working out a case. But he was a strong man and he didn’t tell anybody about it until the case was over successfully.


The role of Sardar Patel in the history of India’s independence  is very important. He was the first Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of India. He did not become Prime Minister only because Gandhiji wanted Nehru to become the Prime Minister due to some reason. Sardarji became the first Home Minister of nascent India. Britishers left India after two centuries of struggle against them. Many people gave their lives and India got divided too. There were now many small kingdoms. Sardar Patel travelled to whole of India to convince all the 100 kings to join their kingdoms with the Independent Union of India. His most important role was the integration of 562 princely states under Indian Union. Within a year he redrew the boundaries of the India Map with every princely state merging the union of India and thereby making part of the political stream of life that was prosperous with harmony and cultural unity.