The higher burden of death and disease is rapidly shifting to developing countries. Approximately one half of continuing cigarette smokers die prematurely from tobacco use. That is to say that about 650 million people (half the current smokers) alive today will eventually die from a tobacco-related disease, if they continue to smoke. The above is the fundamental reason for regulating tobacco now. Governments, and especially legislators, have a responsibility to contribute towards regulating an industry whose main objective is to sell a product that causes harm and death. Despite what we know about tobacco use today, tobacco consumption continues to increase worldwide. The epidemic is still expanding, especially in low- and middle-income countries. The tobacco industry has a huge potential market in these countries, where they often face weaker tobacco control measures and find a great number of possible new customers, among women in particular. The tobacco epidemic has recently expanded among women worldwide. Recent surveys show that tobacco consumption among girls is increasing drastically around the globe, and that prevalence is, in many cases, comparable to or even greater than any of the marros with ckokking cigaratte......