Prevention is better than cure, and it is recognised that the only way to get rid of malaria completely is to get rid of malaria completely is to get rid of the mosquitoes which cause it. Malaria is always associated with damp and marshy land. This is not because the land is dump, but because stagnant water is the breeding place of mosquito which  begins its life as a larva living in the water. Malaria does not frequently occur in dry desert countries because mosquitoes cannot breed there. The only way to destroy mosquitoes is to prevent their, breeding in stagnant water.

1. What can be a suitable title for the passage?
 a.   Prevention is better than cure
 b.   How to get rid of malaria
 c.   The breeding ground of malaria
 d.   The deadly mosquito
                               ANS: 2
2.  How does malaria occur?
a. it is caused by contaminated food
b. it is caused by contaminated water
c. it is caused by mosquitoes breeding in damp and marshy land
d. it is seasonal disease, no cause is associated with it
                                  ANS: 3
3.  How can we get rid of malaria
a.  We can get rid of malaria by destroying mosquitoes and preventing their breeding in standing water
b.   we can get rid of malaria by inoculation
c.    we can get rid of malaria by vaccination
d.    we can prevent malaria by taking quinine pills regularly
4.    Why do we not get malaria in the dry desert?
a.     Because the sand of the dry desert kills mosquitoes causing malaria
b.     because mosquitoes causing malaria do not breed in the dry desert.
c.     because there is no pollution in the atmosphere of a dry desert
d.     because we develop immunity to malaria in the climate of dry desert.
                                        ANS: 2
5.   Give the opposite word of 'stagnant'
a.   Still
b.   Deep
c.    Shallow
d.    Flowing

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